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Nutella Cake without Baking, always successful


    For the cake base:

    • 220 g cocoa butter cookies
    • 50 g butter
    • 120 ml peach juice
    • 30 g hot chocolate powder

    For the white cream:

    • 300 g mascarpone
    • 50 g powdered sugar
    • 250 ml whipped cream

    For the brown cream:

    • 220 ml cream
    • 300 g mascarpone
    • 150 g Nutella

    For the chocolate glaze:

    • 150 g chocolate
    • 150 ml whipped cream


    I made the cake in a 24 cm diameter springform pan.

    1. Finely crush the cocoa butter cookies in a blender, add the hot chocolate powder, and gradually add the melted butter and peach juice (alternatively, you can use multivitamin or apricot juice).
    2. Press the mixture with your fingers into a 24 cm diameter springform pan lined with parchment paper and chill.
    3. Melt the Nutella in a water bath, remove from the water bath, stir in the mascarpone, and then gently fold in the whipped cream.
    4. Mix the mascarpone with powdered sugar and plant-based cream (I use plant-based cream because it makes the cream nice and firm) until smooth.
    5. For the glaze, heat the cream (do not boil!) and remove from the heat.
    6. Add the chocolate to the heated cream and stir until smooth and glossy.
    7. Assemble the cake by spreading the white cream over the chilled base, followed by the brown cream, and then pour the chocolate glaze over the top. Chill the cake until set.